Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)
There are no guarantees in getting to the top ten on Google. When you pay someone to do SEO, you will be paying for copywriting and for checking that your code is good and that the tags are appropriate. If you pay someone who guarantees results, you will be paying for an advertising campaign. The following items are mandatory in developing a site's ability to be top-listed:
  Amount of time your site has been on the www
  Uniqueness of your site's topic
  Link popularity (links from high-traffic sites)
  Relevant content-to-keyword balance
Even with all this in your favor, you still won't have a chance unless you advertise along with your optimization. Take comfort in knowing advertising works because it's proactive. Also know most importantly that "magically" getting your site to the top of Google may not yield business at all.
Affiliate links
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Use Google and MSN as your benchmarks. It's easy to get on the Yahoo top ten. If you intend to hire someone who will “prove” they can get you listed, make sure they can prove it on these most widely used search engines as well.
Don't spend money on SEO until or unless
there is an advertising strategy in place.

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